postpic324/6/14 – “Dante Dangerous Power Squats”

Ralph Wilkins, Scott Kramer

As we kick off our first episode in the brand new location for the ZTO Media studio J-Palms and Frankleberry are joined by old pal Scott Kramer and first time guest “Dante Dynamite”. One half of our Unfiltered podcast Ralph Wilkins joins the crew and we play a little horror trivia game.

The Takeover#32

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01/07/14 – “The Guitar Incident”

Michael McCormick,Ripper Blackhart,Jason Gilbert,Groamy

J-Palms and Franklin sit down with War wrestling commentators Michael McCormick and Ripper Black hart to discuss the upcoming event WAR 11 january 18th 2014. We also speak with music lovers and business owners Jason Gilber and the legendary Groamy about the music scene.

The Takeover#30

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12/25/13 – “Christmas with the Shopes”

Jeff Shope, Bill Shope, Clarence Cannode

This episode is brought to you by WAR wrestling and Main Street Live in Ada, Ohio…Frank and Josh continue their traveling vodcast sideshow with a trip to visit their old pals Jeff and Bill Shope for this very special Christmas episode. Clarence Cannode also joins the discussion. 

The TakeOver#29

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12/04/13 – “Welcome to the Basement Lounge”

Frank, J-Palms

J-Palms and Franklin take their first on location show to Frank’s basement lounge home of several other productions including the newest episodes of Ray McGuff and Forcefed. The duo discuss recent ZTOTV news and drama surrounding various projects.

The Takeover #28

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9/23/13 – “Dangerous Dave Strikes Back”

Diamond Dave, Ken Newman

The karaoke king Diamond Dave enters the ZTO studio for the first time and rocks the mic with several renditions of your favorite karaoke hits. ZTO photographer Ken Newman also stops by to discuss the great successes ZTO had at the “Zombie Prom” and the misadventures of their Columbus Zombiewalk voyage.

The Takeover#27

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8/23/13 – “Bobby Fawley”

Joe Deez, Gina Chiappazzi

Joe Deez and Gina Chiappazzi stop by the ZTO studio and discuss the local Ohio comedy scene and share a few tales of electricity hazards with Franklin and J-Palms.

The Takeover#26

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8/20/13 – “Weiner Salad”

Ralph Wilkins, Sarah Stark, Randy Woten

Ray McGuff, kicks off this episode with some discussion of Breaking Bad and how Franklin simply doesn’t care about good acting. We take a few calls and welcome Samoan Ralph Wilkins and Miss Sarah Stark in on the second half for some discussion of their new “Unfiltered” podcast.

The Takeover #25

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postpic247/24/13 – “The Great Table Caper”

Franklin, J-Palms

J-Palms and the Franklinstein go one on one for the first time since the pilot episode. We talk about our recent event and take a few calls regarding the good times as well as “The Great Table Caper” which happened right under our noses by a master conman.

The Takeover#24

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6/4/13 – “Samoan Ralph’s Island Adventures”

Ralph Wilkins

Ralph Wilkins sits in for a fun vodcast session where we talk about some current events, the heroin problem in Kenton Ohio and Ralph’s adventures around the “island” of Dola, Ohio.

The Takeover#23

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6/4/13 – “The Eternally Radical Robert Rusler”

Robert Rusler

Actor/Director Robert Rusler granted us the courtesy of a phone interview and we took full advantage discussing his film career. Robert also discusses his upcoming project “Black Asylum”.

The Takeover#22

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